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Meet Melanie and Zem on their journey to forever.

Melanie Parker, a former lawyer turn luxury cake designer and event planner is on the brink of financial ruin.  Thanks to her bad choices in men.  Then a DM in her Instagram account brings her the life changing client of her dreams. Zem Thomas. Bass player Extraordinaire. Real Estate Investor. Angel Investor.

Zem Thomas hires Melanie to execute the best bachelor party for his best friend. He only gets the best and Luxury. Events. Cakes. (LEC Inc) headed by Melanie is the best on his retreat Island, Providenciales.  From the moment he laid eyes on her photos and her bio, he knew that he wanted more than her cake and event planning expertise.

After ten days of intense messaging he heads to Providenciales on a private jet. He heads to Melanie, he heads to forever.  Will the two come out way ahead of their stated objective and find forever love. 

A cake apprentice. A master pastry chef. A bright, experimental, modern pastry shop in swanky Condado, P.R. Two wounded souls with big pastry dreams.

Will their sweet pastry dreams lead them to the sweetest love?


Chef Gordon my mentor at pastry school set up my apprenticeship with his former star student and now master pastry chef, Chef Mili. I had no idea the apprenticeship would change my life.

From the first day at the pastry shop, I’m hooked on the now reclusive pastry genius. However, I have sixteen weeks to change Chef Mili’s reluctant mind.

Chef Mili

Chef Gordon my mentor and friend has imposed a cake apprentice on me. I’m reluctant because he hinted that she’s a replacement for my ex-partner who broke my heart and stole my business ideas.

Sparks fly the moment she enters my shop in Condado, but I resist and begin her test to see if she has what it takes to become a world pastry star.

But it’s my resistance that breaks down first. I give in and claim her as my next pastry star, my partner, my forever-sweet love.

The Cake Apprentice is a short sweet romance (short novella) with a happily ever after, in a beautiful Caribbean setting, Condado, Puerto Rico.

Small islands are not all sunshine, sand, sea, and sky. Meet an island Cinderella baker and her wealthy American real estate prince.

Will Cinderella and her prince defeat her evil mother and sister to find their forever love?

Tiffany, the beautiful Cinderella baker is a self-made entrepreneur who is busy creating bespoke cakes to take care of the ever-growing demands of her demanding mother and sister who refuse to work.

Dustin a successful real estate entrepreneur arrives on the island on 20 December. On the cusp of Tiffany meeting another outrageous demand from her mother. But, Dustin arrives with demands of his own. He wants two birthday cakes for 31 December and he wants her to leave the island with him on 2 January,

Tiffany is conflicted. However, she’s helpless against Dustin’s love language of giving, his kindness, his warm honey voice, his heart-melting smiles, his insistence she leaves the island with him to start a new life together in South Florida.

The Beautiful Baker is a short, sweet, clean romance (a short novella) with a happily ever after, set in the nature island of the Caribbean, Dominica.

A small island romance

A pastry chef who’s endured a heartbreaking loss. A lawyer haunted by a deep secret.

Can true love restore their hope to love again?

Will they reveal and overcome their losses and secrets for their chance at true love?

Meet Hill who’s been unable to let go of the tragic losses he suffered during his marriage to his high school sweetheart and co-pastry chef. He’s relocated to St Kitts from California, started new business ventures but is unable to find the courage to let go of the heartbreaking past, to trust again, to love again. Will his chance meeting with Rexanne lead to a happily ever after for him.

Meet Rexanne just made a partner in her Washington DC law firm, it came at the cost of the secret that haunts her to this day.  Will a vacation to St Kitts and a chance encounter with Hill set her on the path to self-forgiveness and finding her happily ever after.

A small island romance

Adrian Watkins-Williams the fourth is the heir to his family’s legal empire in New York. He’s been put on notice that it’s high time he takes a wife according to the dictates of the family. But he wants to do love his way. Except he’s failed big time in love before-because he’s a coward.

Nina Rolle is the newly hired pastry chef at the family’s palatial estate in the Bahamas. She suffers from fear-that if she loves anyone deeply again she will lose the person through tragic circumstances. Therefore, she plays by her own rules. She avoids commitment and love because her singular focus is becoming the best female pastry chef in the world.

The two meet on the eve of a special party for Adrian and fall for each other. Adrian’s family moves immediately to place obstacles to thwart the relationship.

Can Adrian find the courage to defy his family to choose love?

Can Nina overcome her fear to choose love?

A small island romance

A sweet and clean enemies to lovers, neighbors to lovers romance.

Rikiya-I inherited property from a grandmother I’d never met on an island I’d never visited. Consequently, I inherited a neighbor who started an email war when I began building a villa on the property. I ignored his baseless complaints and that infuriated him even more. And on my first trip to the island I found out it was impossible to ignore the man behind the emails.

Tyrone-Yes, I’d started an email war with my absentee neighbor. It was my way of seeking justice for my family. Yes, she’d ignored my emails which forced me to visit my lawyer, who’s my best friend to escalate the matter to the courts. Then she arrived on island and I began a different fight-my attraction to her. Would I lose the fight against my attraction to her? I promise you…I always play to win

The Bachelor Baker is a sweet, clean and wholesome, enemies to lovers, neighbors to lovers, story about family secrets, inheritance, friendships, relationships, acceptance and love, forgiveness, healing and self-love. 

A small island romance

Is love the ultimate healer?

In the last two decades, Marc Best has lost his parents and had his inheritance, and his fiancée, stolen by his older brother.

He’s carved out a life as a wedding cake genius, artist, and entrepreneur, focusing only on expanding his business interests. That is until he meets Dr. Danielle Miller, an accomplished economist new to the island, and planning her sister’s wedding.

He’s never mixed business with pleasure before.  But there’s always a first time to break your own rules. He wins the wedding cake star competition, and he will break any rule to win Danielle’s heart.

The Wedding Cake Star is a sweet, clean, and wholesome story about friendships, love, forgiveness, and healing.

If you love swoony love stories with sweet kisses, this sweet island romance with a happily ever after is for you